Who is Rozelle?

Hello world, I’m Rozelle.

I got my name from my parents name, “Ro” from Romeo, and “Zelle” from Zelfah. I was born and spent most of my childhood in Philippines until I moved here in Surrey, BC when I was 11 back in 2008.

When I was younger I was tomboy-ish and loud. Nowadays I’m definitely more feminine but still loud. However, I am only loud when I am with people I am comfortable to be loud with. My friends would describe me as sweet, loud, and genuine. Most people would describe me exactly the same minus the loud part.

During my spare time I enjoy a plethora of hobbies and past-times such as; baking, playing video games, film photography, watching live movies, series, as well as animated, hiking, biking, gardening, painting, and sometimes if I feel creative enough, video editing.

If you are wondering about my past work experiences, well you might want to check our my resume over here instead.

Check out the rest of this blog to get to know me, my recommendations on movies and series to binge watch, and locations for hikes. If you would like to connect with me you can find me in the following social media links: