Check In

Check In

After Express to Success program I will be going on 2 trips.

August 17-20: I will be heading to Thetis Island with some of my girl friends. Staying at an aribnb, relax, do some hiking, and also kayaking.

August 23-25: My parents, my boyfriend, and I will be heading to Squamish and staying at a tiny house for 3 days to celebrate my mom and my boyfriend’s birthday on August 24th. As well as to explore the surrounding area.

After my 2 week holiday, I am gonna hustle and grind on job searching. Currently I am more meticulous on jobs I am looking for. However if by the 3rd week and I am still struggling on finding the “right” one, I plan on applying for a job at a walking distance location from my house that will get me by until I get hired on a specific job I am looking for. As well as pursue a side hustle (wordpress pages? or selling baked goods).

Long term wise, I plan to be an entrepreneur. I’ve got a few ideas in mind, from a new cafe to a accommodation rental to a non-profit org, to a software application.

Good luck to everyone in the program, including myself!

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