Avatar The Last Air Bender on How it Shaped Me

Avatar The Last Air Bender on How it Shaped Me

(Disclaimer: I tried my best to not include any spoiler. But really you should have seen this series by now…)

During my childhood a couple of cartoons, animated films and movies shaped me become who I am today. I truly believe that I am more empathetic because of this shows and characters. I promised myself when I have kids of my own I will show them these films and series and hope that they enjoy and learn from them as much as I did.

Avatar the Last Air Bender is the one that tops my list of those films and series. The characters of this series are imperfect, and that’s what makes them more warm and relatable.

Comic series

Aang has the most curios out of the Team Avatar members and it has rubbed off on me. Just like how he wants to travel all of the four nations, I myself have developed wanderlust and crave to travel many different areas, from Newfoundland, to Japan and Korea, to Iceland.

Katara was the mother figure of the team and well whenever I am with friends that’s what they describe me as. Specially because I always try to clean and feed them whenever they come over.

Sokka is the comedic relief, at first I really couldn’t figure out what he influenced me. I finally realized after re-watching the series that he was like everyone who watched the series. He has no power or bending capabilities, just like all the viewers. And yet he was full of confidence, barely did he doubt himself. He most of the time had quirky ideas, but when they were in a pinch he was ready to deliver. He was reliable actually have great strategies, at times.

Zuko definitely has the on of the best character development of all fictional characters I have seen. I honestly cannot think of a different character that has as great of a development as his. His character really displayed humanity, that we are imperfect and at times we make wrong decisions and mistakes. But in order to be a decent human, we need to learn from those mistakes and that we take responsibility and accountability for them.

Uncle Iroh (Zuko’s Uncle) in this series is my favourite character. He’s teachings are genuine and he is a very kind, and patient person. In other words a magical person in real life as this type of human are a rare. I strive to be an Uncle Iroh (Aunt version) when I grow older, but patience is hard to practice. If you do find a person who has reached Uncle Iroh status, keep and treasure them.

I hope this has somewhat influenced you to watch Avatar the Last Air Bender if you have not.

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