Review: Express to Success Program

Review: Express to Success Program

On the 6th of July, 10:06 in the morning. I received an email from Aaron informing me that someone had dropped out of the program during the first day and had a spot available. Later that day I had my interview with Aaron and I was in for the ride. Yes, I almost did not make it to this program. Thinking back about it, I am really grateful that things worked out and I made it, otherwise I would have missed out on so many things, technical, and personal.

I’m sure many of the members of this program share the same sentiment as me when I say I have learned so many things from the curriculum, Aaron our facilitator and the other members.

I learned:

  • To make my resume more attractive
  • To express myself better to help others understand me through the assessments
  • How to better prepare for interviews
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Conflict Resolution
  • WorksafeBC WHMIS Occupational First Aid
  • To network better
  • Where to find opportunities with the resources the program shared with us
  • My self-worth and increased my self-confidence.

And many more skills and lessons that for now I might not recognize that I have learned from the Express to Success program, but will one day appreciate down the road!

Things that the program can improve on:

  • Job fair: how to prepare and what to do in a job fair. Maybe actually organize a job fair, bring in hiring managers and companies then have students attend a job fair and look for job opportunities in that event. It will be harder to do this during a pandemic, but it is something to be kept in mind once Covid-19 protocols are over and it is safe to do so.
  • Job fair: for now, while in a pandemic, the program can bring in guest speakers such as hiring managers who is currently looking to hire and have available positions.
  • Online Community: a place where current/future students and alumni of the program are able to connect and network. Alumnis who maybe hiring can post jobs there and members that find great resource for job and learning opportunities can share on that platform.

Over all I had a wonderful time, learned a great deal of things, weather it be technical or just life lessons from Aaron or the other members of the group, and I am truly grateful of the time in Express to Success.

For members of Express to Success, please keep in touch!

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