My Unforgettable First Winter

My Unforgettable First Winter

If you have read my “Who is Rozelle” page, you would know by now that I spent my childhood in Philippines. And back there, if you didn’t already know, it’s a tropical country and so the climate is pretty warm, usually around 30°c – 40°c during the day.

So my first winter (winter of 2008-2009) here in Canada was pretty unforgettable. One winter day, I wore my first (not so great) rain boots. My parents and I were on our way home from visiting my grand uncle’s house that was located on a hill side in a suburb. We had to walk about half a kilometre uphill to the closest bus stop, but since there was a snow-storm the day before, the bus was delayed many minutes. After an hour of waiting at the bus stop I started crying. I was uncomfortable and miserable since the snow had crept inside my boots on our way up and they have melted inside them, not to mention the temperature is still freezing. I broke down and said some hurtful words to my parents, I told them “I hate this place, why did you bring me here?!”. And just completely forgot about the bus stop, walked back downhill to my grand uncle’s place to warm up. We of course had to go back up the snowy hill eventually when we had to go home. I cannot imagine how I would have reacted had we moved to different province, than British Columbia.

Until now, my mom still tells this comedic story to all of our family and friends that are new immigrants. Looking back at it now, I just laugh at my younger self and realize how grateful I am being here in Canada because of the opportunities I have received.

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